Q. Who is in charge of installation?

ESL installation can be done through Elabels contracted company or the customers can look after it themselves.

Q. What are the benefits of using ESL compared to paper tags?

Benefits retailers will receive by using ESL are as follows:

– Save on labour having to manually replace paper tags. ESLs are an automated price updating system.

– Ability to update product pricing and information immediately. Eliminating the time to print a new label and have someone replace the tag manually.

– Price accuracy between shelf label and POS.

– Reduce penalties from price discrepancies.

– Manage and monitor multiple stores shelf level pricing from a single location.

Besides displaying price and product information, ESLs can be used with features such as Near Field Communication (NFC) to analyse customer shopping patterns. The information from the ESL can be extended and used as part of your marketing tools. 

ESLs with NFC can be used for the consumer to use their smartphones as channel to receive additional product information. This information can be about products, special event coupons, advertisements, as well as product location, all to provide a convenient shopping experience.

Q. What kinds of products can ESL tags be applied to?

ESL is effective for all products trying to reduce the gap between online and offline prices. ESLs are also offered for normal and freezer environments, so they are not limited by temperature. The accessories can be used to attach the ESL on various shelf types and store fixtures.

Q. Is ESL adequate for products that do not need frequent price changing?

Yes, even with products that do not change price frequently. With an electronic shelf label, you can run promotions/sales more efficiently as well as use the multi-page feature to provide consumers additional product information. In many cases, the ESLs also offer a more appealing digital image to the store environment.

Q. What are the services and strategies of utilising ESL?

Price differentiation strategies can be adopted based on region.

Time of day pricing for perishable goods, e.g. in a bakery.

Easily adjustable pricing strategies to reduce unwanted inventory.

Fast turnover rates give opportunities for other products to be purchased.

Combined with Location Based Services, for easy product-finding and highlighted with LED Blinking.

Q. How does Elabels calculate the ROI of ESL?

The calculation method and adequate ROI standards are different among businesses, so appropriate information is first needed before the ROI can be calculated. Generally, these factors include the labour costs of replacing paper labels, the costs for refunds due to price errors or price discrepancies, and material costs such as paper or ink.

Q. Can ESL stimulate competition with competitors and cause a low rate of return?

Effective price management strategies compared to competitors will invite more customers and increase sales and also reduce the gap between online sales and offline sales. 

Q. Can frequent price changes cause customer complaints?

Price changes only occur based on the retailer’s price change policy. In principle, ESL helps decrease pricing errors, thereby eliminating customer complaints arising from price discrepancies. Scheduled price changes are beneficial for controlled promotions and maximising stock inventory.

Q. What functions/features do Elabels ESLs offer?

– Are functions such as video, colour display, and multi-pages supported?

– Can contents be changed according to different programs?

Elabels ESL has a large product range for the best solution for every need. Our main product lineup is battery-powered E-paper solutions with easy installation. 

E-paper products are offered as 3-color, 4-color, and 7-color solutions to display product information and pricing. The 3-color options are Red/Black/White and Yellow/Black/White, the 4-color options are Red/Black/White/Yellow. and the 7-color options are Black/White/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Orange. The E-paper products are not full-colour displays.

The size of the product ranges from 1.54” ~ 13.6”. (Apparel tags to A4 size tags).

E-paper graphical product support multi-pages for additional displays. Additionally, ESL has features such as scheduling, central monitoring, and a central server.

The colour display (electronic paper) is designed according to the width and length of the shelf. It can be linked with ESL to display the price, discounts & promotions to draw the customers attention and improve sales.

Q. How long does ESL installation take?

On average, the total estimated time for installing 20,000 tags is 6 days (4 days for labels & 2 days for software installations). Installation time can vary depending on the size of the installation team.

Q. Is there a training program for stores after the installation of ESL?

Elabels offers programs to provide assistance with installation, maintenance, and training. These programs can also be provided by Elabels or provided to the retailer’s team. 

Q. What payment options do you have available?

You can either pay upfront OR you can take up our leasing option. This allows you to pay the system off over 1-5 years.

Q. How is local technical support done?

Local support is provided regionally through Elabels’ contracted company with our Head Office engineer supporting them.

Q. Does Elabels offer on-going support.

Yes. 6 months is given as part of our contract, and after ESL installation. We will support you after this period.

Q. Can I cancel the contract halfway through?

Yes, you can cancel the contract after the initial 12-month period. However, this will mean that your software is no longer supported. Speak with your consultant for more information, as contract break fee might apply.