saas and private cloud deployment
10+ years of wireless software and hardware experience
A quick and customised solution as per industry needs
End-to-end cost control model with a super quality product



  • When a product is about to expire, an indicator light flashes, prompting staff to find the goods and quickly apply a sale discount.


  • The ESL can be configured by staff to automatically display a discounted pricing at a later time.


Change Page Automatically

Change Page Automatically, Clients only need to set up the electronic shelf labels in advance

Out of Stock Alert

The ESL of the corresponding item will inform the staff to carry out timely replenishment by flashing the light

Shopping Navigation

When consumers click on the product they need to navigate from the app to located product, saving time and improving the consumer’s shopping experience.

Brand upgrading

with an overall visual impact, while the addition of technology helps to enhance the overall image of the shop and brand

Display management

Allowing staff to complete the display of goods in a quick, efficient and standardised manner, ensuring the neatness and beauty of the goods display

Consumer Interaction

By scanning the product QR code on the electronic shelf label, consumers can browse online for product information

Change Stock Automatically

This enables the inventory data in the system to be automatically synchronised with the inventory data on the electronic shelf label screen.

Elabels is an Australian owned company that was formed as a result of extensive research and investigation into the changing nature of retail and warehouse technology as we move into the future.